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Hit of the Weeks are one of my favorite types of 78 rpm records.  Made of laminated cardboard, they were designed to sell at the lowest possible price during a time when few people had extra money for things such as phonograph records.  Nevertheless, they offered excellent sound quality and have survived the decades amazingly well - especially when one considers how harsh the heavy tone arms and steel needles of the day were on records.  And while most modern music critics dismiss their musical content as being "too commercial,"  I love the lively, upbeat Depression era dance bands they often featured.  Below are some links that will help you learn more about these historic and truly remarkable records.

Hit of the Week CD  21 Hit of the Week sides reissued on CD by Swingtime Records.  This link will open a second browser window to the Amazon.com website.  5 sound clips are featured - "Hello Baby" and "Intro To: Tip Toe Through The Tulips" are both excellent and worth giving a listen.  In my opinion, the vocal on "Here Comes Sun" sound clip is positively dreadful.  Also included in the CD - though not on the sound clip samples - is one of my favorite Hit of the Weeks: "Sweet Jennie Lee" by Reser's Radio Band.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I have subsequently purchased this CD and want to strongly caution those considering doing likewise that the quality of the audio restoration work it is absolutely atrocious - so much so that it is difficult to focus on many of the wonderful "Hit of the Week" selections featured on it.  Nor is this the only CD issued by this particular label that has this problem.  This CD contains many wonderful songs - but unfortunately I can no longer recommend its purchase.  For those who have purchased this CD based on my inclusion of it on this site, I offer my profound apology.

The Durium Project at Community Zero  An online community forum devoted to Hit of the Week and other records made by its parent company Durium Products.  Includes label scans, links and discussions.

Brief Article about Hit of the Week by Alan Sutton on the Wolverine Antique Music Society Website

Tyrone Settlemier's Hit of the Week Page features several label scans as well as some interesting information.




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