About Ian House


Born in 1961, Ian was to grow up amidst the counterculture revolution, the age of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Turn on, tune in and drop out. Having contempt for this milieu, he could not counter a culture that he so deeply respected, or the one that preceded it, the Jazz Age 20s and 30s. So, to counter the counterculture, and to retain his sanity, he naturally began to embrace the age of Deco and surround himself with it -the architecture, the industrial design, the graphic design and, especially, the music. In the 70s, while his peers were headbanging to heavy metal, Ian was quietly humming cartoon standards to himself, songs like "The Lady In Red" and "Ain't We Got Fun". 

Little did he suspect that, two decades later, the internet would evolve into a platform that would allow him to share his passion with others -and to explore their interests in return. He would discover that there are thousands of like-minded folks out there who sincerely appreciate and celebrate the glory and grace of that bygone era. 

Lee Morse, Echoes of a Songbird

The American Package Museum


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