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December 2001

December 27, 2001

This week's Hit of the Week is brought to you by:

1928 Oshkosh Trunks ad

(From 1928 ad)

When A Blonde Makes Up Her Mind       
Jack Kaufman, vocal                           1928
(Romeo 627 mx 3042)Here's a fun novelty record.   Not only are the lyrics mildly amusing, the  "hot" jazz band accompaniment is outstanding.   Jack Kaufman was the brother of Irving Kaufman, one of the most recorded vocalists of the 1910s and 1920s.

December 20, 2001

This week's Hit of the Week is brought to you by:

Even the greatest of Chrysler's previous accomplishments - epochal as they have been- are completely overshadowed by the new Multi-Range Chryslers. In them, power, speed, acceleration, economy and safety are raised to the highest degree.  New and larger engines, down-draft fuelization, and the exclusive Multi-Range transmission and gear shift create performance never before even closely approached.

And there's new beauty in these marvelous cars - new comfort, too, in their larger, roomier, exquisitely upholstered bodies, with fitments by Cartier, the famous international jeweler.

As pacemakers of performance and criterions of style, the new Multi-Range Chryslers transcend even Chrysler's previous best so decisively that they leave no basis for comparison.

FEATURES Larger, more powerful engines, 7-bearing counter-balanced crankshaft, multi-range four speed transmission and gear shift, down draft carburetion, Chrysler weatherproof four-wheel hydraulic brakes, paraflex springs, rubber spring shackles, hydraulic shock absorbers, oversize 6-ply balloon tires, roomier bodies of dreadnought construction, metalware by Cartier et Cie.
*                 *                 *
All Chrysler models will be exhibited at the National Automobile Shows.  In addition, special displays during the New York Show, January 4th to 11th, in the Commodore Hotel and during the Chicago Show, January 25th to February 1st, in the Balloon Room and lobbies of the Congress Hotel

Multi-Range Chrysler

Imperial  From $2895 to $3475
        77   From $1595 to 1795
        70   From 1295 to 1525
        66   From $985 to $1065
(From 1930 ad)
When I Meet My Sunshine
(In The Moonshine Tonight)           
Ralph Haines, vocal                     1930
(Romeo 1260-B mx 19396)

 Here's a song that I occasionally catch myself whistling.  The lyrics are nothing special - but overall, I think this recording has a certain old fashioned charm.

Ralph Haines was a recording pseudonym used by Scrappy Lambert, a very prolific vocalist on records in the late 1920s and early 1930s, who has been featured several times on this site.

December 13, 2001

This week's Hit of the Week is brought to you by:

(ad image courtesy Friends of the Book-Cadillac - www.book-cadillac.org)

In the Roaring '20s, Detroit was the crown jewel of America's industrial might.  The Book-Cadillac Hotel - one of the largest in the world - was its most elegant hotel.  The hotel's ballroom was home to the legendary Jean Goldkette orchestra which featured Bix Beiderbecke and other jazz greats.  The 1970s, however, were especially rough on Detroit and the city went into a serious decline from which it has yet to recover.  Today, the Book-Cadillac stands vacant, its once opulent interior looted and destroyed by vandals.  The quasi-governmental body that now controls the building is seriously considering tearing it down.  A group called the Friends of the Book-Cadillac has been formed to find a way to redevelop the hotel and return it to its former grandeur.  The group has a very interesting website with lots of photographs documenting both the Book-Cadillac's glory days and the sad ruin that this once proud building has become.
Painting The Clouds With Sunshine        
Cliff Roberts and His Orchestra 
Smith Ballew and chorus, vocal              1929
(Cameo 9260 mx 4054)

Painting The Clouds With Sunshine        
Eddie Peabody, banjo and vocal            1929
(Oriole 1744-A mx 2577)

 Here is a rather catchy song that, judging by the number of different artists who recorded it, was very popular in 1929.  It comes from the Warner Brothers picture Gold Diggers of Broadway which was one of the first movie musicals to be filmed in color.  I featured two versions of another famous song from the film, "Tip Toe Through The Tulips" in this section's July 26 update.

The Cliff Roberts selection comes from the flip side of the same record that I featured in last week's update.  I am pretty sure that the "Cliff Roberts" orchestra was a recording pseudonym and not the name of an actual band.  Smith Ballew recorded at least one other version of this song with his own orchestra on the Okeh label.

The Eddie Peabody recording is one that , despite having been in my collection for a while now, I only recently listened to for the first time.  What a nice surprise - lots of 1920s pep.  Peabody, known as the "King of the Banjo" was one of the 20th century's most famous banjo players.  He continued performing right up until the day of his death in 1970.

December 6, 2001

This week's Hit of the Week is brought to you by:

(From 1929 ad)

Loving You        
Al Alberts and His Orchestra 
Jack Kaufman, vocal                               1929
(Cameo 9260 mx 3994)

 Here is a forgotten but rather catchy song.  I am particularly fond of some of the "hot" jazz passages that follow the vocal. 

"Al Alberts" was a recording pseudonym for Adrian Schubert's Dance Orchestra.

Pictured below is the label from the record.  The Cameo Record Corporation, founded in 1922,  was a major independent record company.  Cameo also manufactured Romeo Records, a prominent dime store label.  In 1928, Cameo acquired Pathé Records, which also owned the Perfect label.  One year later, Cameo merged with The Plaza Music Company to form the American Record Corporation, the history of which was briefly discussed in this section's November 1, 2001 update.

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