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March 2003

March 20, 2003

This week's Hit of the Week is brought to you by
Lobby - Hotel Pennsylvania, New York

2200 Rooms          2200 Baths

THE world's largest hotel; at 7th Ave., 32nd to 33rd Streets, opposite Pennsylvania Terminal. Statler-operated - in connection with Hotels Statler, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, St Louis.

A new Statler is under construction in Buffalo at Niagara Sq., and will open early next year with 1100 rooms and 1100 baths.

(from 1922 postcard)

Livin' In The Sunlight,
Lovin' In The MoonlightClick on song title to stream or right clock on folder to download
Hotel Pennsylvania Music
Bill Coty, vocalist                                1930
(Diva 3149-G mx 150171)

"Hotel Pennsylvania Music" was, in fact, the Jack Albin Orchestra which had a long term engagement at New York City's Hotel Pennsylvania during the early 1930s.  Later in the decade, the hotel's phone number would be immortalized in song by another resident band, the Glenn Miller Orchestra with its hit "Pennsylvania 6-5000."  Happily, the Hotel Pennsylvania still stands and is operates as a hotel - though its once grand lobby suffers from a rather tacky "modernization."  The hotel's phone number, however, is still PE6-5000 - i.e (212) 736-5000

March 13, 2003

This week's Hit of the Week is brought to you by
Granger Pipe Tobacco
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(from 1932 ad)

Along Came LoveClick on song title to stream or right clock on folder to download
Ray Kavanaugh and The "Vanities" Orchestra
Dick Robertson, vocalist                                1932
(Brunswick 6381 mx B-12315-A)

This week's selection comes from Earl Carroll's Vanities of 1932 which starred Milton Berle and Helen Broderick.  The Vanities were a long running series of Broadway reviews that introduced a number of popular tunes and claimed to feature "The Most Beautiful Girls In The World."  Ray Kavanaugh was the music director and conductor for most, if not all, of the Vanities productions.  The vocalist on this selection, Dick Robertson, was a very prolific recording artist on a variety of labels during the late 1920s and early 1930s.  According to the International Broadway Database, however, he did not appear in the production.

March 6, 2003

This week's Hit of the Week is brought to you by
Hotel Whitmore - Dallas, Texas

A truly different hotel - beautifully decorated and emanating an atmosphere of cordial hospitality, Central location in the heart of Dallas - with service and accommodations for the most exacting requirements.
(from 1939 postcard)


AnnabelleClick on song title to stream or right clock on folder to download
Hoosier Hot Shots
Skip Farrell, vocalist                             1939
(Vocalion 04697 mx C2474)

The Hoosier Hotshots were a corn ball musical novelty act that was very popular on records and network radio during the  1930s.  While the group's musical output often had a jazz element,  most of it is probably better classified in the country music genre.  This week's selection actually rose to 15th place on the Billboard charts in April, 1939.  More information about the group can be found at:


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