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July 2003

July 17, 2003

This week's Hit of the Week is brought to you by
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Music Master Corporation
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(from 1925 ad)


In A Little GardenClick on song title to stream or right clock on folder to download
Ipana Troubadours                               1926
(Columbia  738-D mx 142604)

Here is a record I picked up recently while going through a junk record stack at a second hand bookstore.  By "junk records" I mean that out of the few hundred 78 rpm records the store had for sale for 78 cents each,  I only walked out with two records.   This one has been scuffed up quite a bit over the years - but the audio restoration software did a great job of cleaning it up and removing several very loud "pops."  You can still hear some of the smaller "pops" which the software is capable of removing but only with quite a bit more time and effort on my part.  One thing about the old Columbia "Viva-Tonal" electric records of the 1920s and early 1930s is that they were some of the best made records of the time and often sound surprisingly good even after having been subjected to decades of abuse.  In excellent condition, they have very little surface noise and the sound quality is usually exquisite.

"Ipana Troubadours" was a pseudonym used by the Sam Lanin Orchestra and the name of the band's popular radio program.  Ipana was a highly successful brand of toothpaste manufactured by Bristol-Meyers. 

The Ipana Troubadours radio program debuted on  April 8, 1925 and was one of the early network programs. When the program started commercial radio was still in its infancy and stations were prohibited by the government from airing explicit sales pitches for products.  Instead, advertising messages were made indirectly and more subtly - not unlike the corporate "underwriting" announcements  on today's PBS television stations in the USA.  Naming a program after a commercial sponsor was one such form of indirect advertising and was commonly used throughout the 1920s and continued for many years even after the prohibition against explicit advertisements was finally lifted.

The Ipana Troubadours remained on the air  until January 1931.  Aside from his work on radio, Lanin was also quite busy in the recording studio.  He recorded for virtually every American record label in existence during the 1920s under dozens of pseudonyms.  His band's recorded output in terms of quantity was second only that of the Ben Selvin band.

July 3, 2003

This week's Hit of the Week is brought to you by
Hotel Southland - Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas
"Home of the Commercial Man"
European $1.50 And Up
(from 1917 postcard)


ChutneyClick on song title to stream or right clock on folder to download
Victor Military Band                               1914
(Victor 17692-A)

This week's selection is a rather charming ragtime number composed by Theodore Morse (1873-1924) who wrote a number of ragtime and popular tunes around the turn of the 20th century and the following two decades.   Morse is best remembered for his 1917 composition "Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here."  Most of his works, however, have long since been forgotten by modern audiences. 

This record was recorded on November 17, 1914 and appeared in stores in early 1915.


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